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People who say “our schools are terrible” and “our taxes are too high” in the same sentence

Today’s quote from Marcellina: The business seems like a “mother pop one.” (She means it’s a mom and pop business)


So my boyfriend is working as a plumber, and they’re at this church trying to fix a problem, but apparently it’s something the city has to deal with. But the church won’t let them go to the city about the problem because it’s a church and there can be miracles and God will give them the inspiration to fix it.

This is what happens when you create a culture of ignorance. This is what happens when you tell people they shouldn’t listen to their science teachers because it will lead them away from God. 

Ugh, it’s called entropy, bro. Things don’t just fix themselves. Take a 5th grade science class and you’ll learn about it. 

Omfg we’re at this warrior dash where Josh and his friend are running…. One of the obsticles is a big fire pit you have to jump over, and these dumb bitches are all “Why are there all these fire trucks? It’s a purpose fire! Someone should have told them they were making a purpose fire! Yeah it’s a purose fire, duh!”


God I saw the most ridiculous anti-abortion ad ever downtown today

I was actually having a pretty rough morning until I saw it and then I just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day

The weather’s weird today… like… really muggy. Well, not muggy. But like… dry.

My dumb-ass coworker. —





*pukes a little*

honestly why

WOWWWWW no wonder why everybody thinks we’re idiots.

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Everything Went As Expected of the Day: In Belfast, at a Sainsbury’s, a mom was spotted shoving her child into the prize slot of a Barber Cut “Skill With Prize” machine, presumably so she could collect the cash attached to the objects inside.

In foresight, this might not have been the best idea.






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the truth.

Or Tumblr……yeaaah. OTL



the truth.

Or Tumblr……yeaaah. OTL